University City Science Center

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Lunch for Hungry Minds


Joshua E. Allen is Vice President of Development at Oncoceutics. Dr. Allen received his B.S. in Chemistry from Georgia Tech, earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics from the University of Pennsylvania, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Penn State Cancer Institute. Click here to learn more.

RAIN 2015 – Entrepreneurship & Industry: Bridging the Gaps & Creating Opportunity


For an entrepreneurial ecosystem to thrive, it’s imperative that there be a mix of players in involved. This includes the entrepreneurs themselves, investors, incubators, accelerators and resources such as lawyers, accountants, etc. This ecosystem should also include established businesses and Fortune 500 companies that have the resources, experience and infrastructure to support fledging startups.

The 2015 RAIN program will explore the relationships between the incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces (i.e. the RAIN network) and established businesses. Who are the existing players and how were the relationships built? Most importantly, how can Greater Philadelphia build on these relationships and establish new ones so the silos of the startup community and industry are no longer barriers but opportunities. Click here to read more.

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