University City Science Center

Community Impact

The Science Center is committed to being an active and involved member of the different communities to which we belong: West Philadelphia, the Greater Philadelphia region, our core industry sectors and the entrepreneurial and cultural ecosystems, which we serve and support.

STEAM Education

A unique community outreach program, Breadboard explores intersections between creativity, science and technology at the Science Center. Breadboard also manages the Esther Klein Gallery (EKG) at 3600 Market Street. Breadboard and EKG programs support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) educational initiatives and arts-based learning activities.

Department of Making + Doing
The Department of Making + Doing (DM+D) is building a collaborative space for curious Philadelphians to come together to realize ground-breaking art and design that inspires, educates, excites, and encourages creative “making” in Philadelphia. DM+D’s partner organizations — the Science Center, The Hacktory, NextFab Studio and Public Workshop — provides programming that’s transforming the space at 3711 Market St. into a vibrant place of creative production and challenges. The DM+D partners hope the space will produce hybrid projects and products that could shine equally in an art exhibition, patent office, scientific conference or even a bus stop

STEM Education Partnerships
In addition to the STEM education opportunities supported by Breadboard, the Science Center also works closely with local nonprofits to improve science education in city schools and classrooms. One significant partner is iPraxis, which focuses on attracting and involving people of color in science exploration at early ages and increasing the participation of minorities in the business of science. The Science Center has also partnered with Philadelphia Academies, Inc. to place summer interns in Science Center resident companies. The Science Center is a member of the Philadelphia Math + Science Coalition.


Phase 1 Ventures
The Science Center is pleased to invite startup companies that have been newly formed (or are about to be formed) for the purposes of commercializing a university-developed or other invention, to participate in its new commercialization accelerator program, Phase 1 Ventures. Click here to learn more! 

Economic Development

Regional Affinity Incubation Network (RAIN)
RAIN is a regional network of 40-plus research parks, business incubators, co-working spaces, accelerators and support organizations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware that seek to share information, capabilities and opportunities – as well as build strength across the region.

Green Initiatives

LEED Certification
3737 Market Street received LEED Gold certification in 2015 for its core and shell design. The building includes several unique design features focused on energy efficiency, including an active chilled beam HVAC system with total energy recovery wheels that together reduce energy costs by over 50% as compared to an equivalent code-compliant building, an extensive green roof system and a storm water management strategy. 3711 Market Street was awarded LEED® Silver Level certification in 2009 based on a number of green design and construction features, including a 35,000-square-foot green roof that is among the largest in Philadelphia. 3601 Market Street, the Science Center’s first residential tower, has been designed with the goal of receiving LEED Silver certification.

Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program
As a platinum level member of the Greater Philadelphia Green Business Program, the Science Center has made a public promise to change its daily business practices to reduce impacts on the environment by adopting green operational practices.

Science Center’s Green Policies
The Science Center has designated a Green Office Advocate and adopted green policies including:
• Energy Conservation
• Paper Conservation
• Recycling
• Environmental Protection